We are a prominent WordPress Agency creating WordPress websites for B2B, B2C, and SaaS services clients. We are innovators and we develop WordPress sites that load with a striking speed using the latest tools and technology.

WordPress Web Design and Development in Fujairah

WordPress Web Design and Development Agency, Fujairah

Experience impeccable WordPress design and development capabilities with WPWixee’s WordPress advancement services in Fujairah. We offer Intuitive WordPress induced API integrations to set-in motion businesses across various industries in the UAE. We offer state-of-the-art  scalability,  all-in all data migration capabilities and round the clock support and maintenance solutions to troubleshoot WordPress complexities with ease. We understand WordPress like no other!

“We understand WordPress like no other! Call us at - 050 5473745”

Did you know WPWixee’s WordPress based websites are among some of the most visited websites in the Middle East?  Our WordPress design and development expertise spanning across a decade in the Middle East has enabled us to make a difference in the UAE. Our WordPress based websites are elegant, their responsive rates fare far better than the websites developed by our competition and the best thing: We are open to suggestions from our clients. At WPWixee, we are searching, ever-changing, competing with ourselves, we are on a journey to find the best of WordPress ever! This summer, We clocked 24000 hrs in WordPress design and development in the UAE. With an expertise spanning across 19 countries and 3000 plus WordPress projects completed, WPWixee is your best bet in WordPress design and development in Fujairah!

WordPress Website Company in Fujairah
WordPress Website Development in Fujairah

WPWixee's WordPress Site Architecture and Design, Fujairah

WPWixee is a prominent and reliable WordPress service provider in Fujairah. Our expertise in WordPress enables us to utilize our experience for raking in the maximum advantage and benefits of WordPress for a business website. Did you know, there is a fine line between multiple businesses in a similar industry that can only be recognised and worked around by experts in a WordPress environment?

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W – WordPress services (or) solutions 

P –  Propelled 

W – With an 

I  –   Intention to create the 

X –  X- factor for 

E –  Entrepreneurs in the 

E –  Emirates

WPWixee's WordPress Website design and development, TYPES

Looking for the right website for your business purposes? Site architecture with a difference? SEO optimization across major components in a website? We’ve got them all under one umbrella. Experience bespoke plugins, websites with an elan to it, the most features on a dashboard for a WordPress based website and impeccable security parameters with WPWixee’s WordPress solutions in Fujairah. Our Seamless migration possibilities for website migration are so immersive with the client’s daily routine, their business routine is seldom affected. WPWixee’s WordPress based websites can be designed and developed around the client’s requirements and business objectives in fixed parameters and stringent online testing and trials before its imminent deployment. Our WordPress types of websites are –

Knowledge of SEO Plugins

Personal or Blog Service Websites

Did you know WordPress started out as a blogging tool on the internet? The WordPress evolution is remarkable. In 18 years of its existence, WordPress continued to develop into different niches of online requirements by service providers and online sellers and has now managed to be a world class CMS(content management system) worldwide. WPWixee's WordPress blogging solutions are so flexible, it can support single authors, sole writers and a group of authors or writers in a single webpage with exceptional elan. Our Blog based websites via WordPress are simply content-rich and business capable as required by the client. Check out our 'WPWixee's WordPress blog website' based blogs to know more.

Business websites

More than half of WPWixee's clients are entrepreneurs and business incorporations in Fujairahand the rest of the UAE. Our business-based clients love our WordPress services that enhance their business capabilities for their consumer base which in turn provides an enchanting experience with professional-looking business interfaces that are powerful and Propelled to attain desired productivity levels. Our clients admire the ease of use and smooth navigation. Bespoke plugins, pre-plan social media integration as desired, site speed optimization and tracked marketing data are some of the path finding features under our WordPress based business Websites.

Multilingual Websites

Serving more than a region on business grounds? We've got you covered at WPWixee. Enjoy the benefit of multiple languages for a single WordPress based website in Fujairah with our multilingual capabilities by WordPress translation plugins. We have got it all secure in a dozen languages across the globe to make it easier to communicate and pass on the message to your loyal customer base.

Pay-Per-View Based WordPress Websites

WPWixee's pay-per-view website solutions enable clients to sell lucrative and trending content on their websites. It's based on a pay-per-view schematic synchronization. Sell content online rather than having to depend on ad revenue and other online affiliates. Digital passes and subscriptions can be sold online with access limited to the price charged and so much more.

Online Marketplace Website

Holding the benefit of a webspace online? We at WPWixee can help your digital web space become somebody else's marketplace. That's right! Rent your digital space with 'WPWixee's online market space website' types of WordPress based websites in the UAE. Earn pre-planned fees on each order made on your webspace used by other business holders as a payment for providing digital space.

Podcast Based Website

WordPress and podcasting go hand in hand. Most popular podcasters on the web are using WordPress for their podcasting websites. Check out the best podcast themes for websites in the Middle East WPWixee. Integrate your podcast hosting service with your WordPress based website to gain the upper hand.

Focus on Revenue Generation

Drop Shipping Website

At WPWixee, we create WordPress based websites that take up orders and the website is set to make the order with a third-party website acting as a bridge between the buyer and seller. HelloPixels has developed productive plugins for this type of website that boosts the overall luster and flow of the site along with providing an interesting user interface experience for online visitors.

WordPress Based Affiliate Website

This type of WordPress based websites by WPWixee are referral in nature type websites.An existing seller can refer their existing customer base to another seller for a commission per sale that comes out of the referral. Affiliate websites by WPWixee have plugins by WordPress that have propelled the whole concept of commission selling via reference online. Automated commission per buy by referred customers, the request to affiliate and the ease of navigation for online visitors to reach the right landing page to make the purchase.

Portfolio Websites

Showcase your work, put up your personality selling traits as a selling point, enhanced imagery and video embedding capabilities, portfolio websites by WPWixee, exclusive for the UAE. Our WordPress capabilities for portfolio websites provide the smoothest navigation in a refreshed format every time the website is accessed. Display your photography skills at its best with our bespoke photography induced WordPress based Portfolio websites for upcoming and growing photographers. Young minds at work are WPWixee's responsibility to propel and encourage as they are the future of our beautiful culture and great country. Enjoy special benefits with portfolio websites by WPWixee, Fujairah this summer.

WordPress Consultation & Guidance

E-Commerce Based Websites

WPWixee's WordPress with WooCommerce is the most prominent e-commerce platform in the GCC. Experience seamless payment gateway integration like never before. To the likes of PayPal, Telr, CC Avenue, Stripe, cybersource, CASHU and more, we at WPWixee equip our clients to easily accept various payment modes easily in the most secured parameters in online payments. We propel your e-commerce with WooCommerce capabilities that can help trade both physical and digital products. It also enables easy listing and adding of new products and services in the webpage and has a dashboard equipped to manage inventory, online orders, shipping and freight details, taxation and so much more. We at WPWixee have more than just WooCommerce to offer for e-commerce requirements. We use 'Easy Digital Downloads' and 'MemberPress' for digital sales online.

WPWixee WordPress Design Services, Fujairah

WPWixee WordPress DESIGN Services, Fujairah


Why WordPress Web Design in Fujairah

WordPress Advancement, Style and client satisfaction, Fujairah!

Our clients at WPWixee are beyond WordPress solutions. We have an association owing to their  businesses outstanding performance with  WPWixee’s WordPress capabilities across all areas in the digital webspace. Our client testimonials on how their websites achieved drastic improvements in sales conversions owing to having undertaken WPWixee’s WordPress solutions in Fujairah are encouraging more business entrepreneurs in partnering with us for their WordPress requirements.


WordPress based websites are among some of the most visited websites in the Middle East. WordPress design and development experts have made a mark in Fujairah with their WordPress capabilities. Prominent WordPress experts propel WordPress requirements and meet pre-planned objectives for businesses as standard.

  • WordPress CMS
  • Dark Mode
  • Augmented Virtual Reality capabilities
  • Animation in Sliders
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Theme Based Drop Down Menu
  • SEO Friendly Design features
  • 20x Picture / Product and services Gallery
  • Voice search
  • Inquiry form
  • Google Fonts
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Map Submission
  • Helpline and contact Info

When a business Serves more than a region on business grounds, the benefit of multiple languages for a single WordPress based website with multilingual capabilities by WordPress translation plugins get a  dozen languages across the globe to make it easier to communicate and pass on the message to a loyal customer base about the website. 

With Expert WordPress development and design Strategy by WordPress service providers, your website is bound to do exceptionally well in online traffic and visibility owing to the implementation of the most modern technology in WordPress as standard. This in turn increases the visibility quotient for a website online.

Showcase your work, put up your personality selling traits as a selling point, enhanced imagery and video embedding capabilities on a website.This is what is known as portfolio websites.  WordPress capabilities for portfolio websites provide the smoothest navigation in a refreshed format every time the website is accessed. 

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