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WordPress Multilingual Services Dubai

Get the right way of WordPress multilingual site development by our team of experts.

WordPress Multilingual Website

Why is Multilingual WordPress
the right solution?

We rely on MultilingualPress when working on multilingual websites. MultilingualPress has a different approach which does not have any alter effect on the performance of your site. One language is loaded per site as compared to other solutions where all languages are loaded and only one is displayed at the end. Our Multilingual WordPress plugin does not interfere with other applications and thus keeps your site groomed all the time. SEO is imbibed resulting in better performance of the site.
Multilingual WordPress

Multilingual WordPress plugins that we work with

Multilingual Press

Multilingual Press

We at WPWixee have created multilingual websites for more than 2000 clients' in 19 countries, the fastest with the Multilingual Press plugin. Our most preferred expert multilingual plugin, the 'multilingual press' enables language adaptation for websites in different regions across the world with ease. Experience translatable post types for improved posts translations in languages of choice, Translatable taxonomies for taxonomy translations, the redirect tab that redirects in case a language is not available, quick links aptly put up according to content and the cache button that helps in improvised plugin performance.



The Polylang Plugin enables translation of custom post types, custom taxonomies, widgets, navigation menus and URLs with great ease. It's easy and efficient, high in performance and SEO friendly. There is no limit to the number of languages that can be added in a Polylang Plugin. The Polylang Plugin uses a different sub-domain or domain per language. The best part! A customizable language switcher option is available in the form of a widget or on the dashboard.



One of the quickest website translators, the TranslatePress plugin translates a website from the front end. A complete translation booster for site builders and especially WooCommerce based websites. GPL certified, TranslatePress enables self Customization in translation for websites with ease.



Build, manage and propel multilingual websites for businesses around different regions in the world with WPML or WordPress multilingual plugins. Translate pages, posts, theme texts, taxonomy menus with ease. Did you know every theme or a plugin that uses WordPress application program runs multilingual with WPML. Experience the best quality translations, Glossary and translation memory and automated translation with Multilingual WordPress.



WordPress translation solutions enhanced with the GTranslate plugin is a Google based auto translator that hides the Google top frame after translation. It translates websites when required right on the move. GTranslate enables translation of posts, pages, categories, tags, menus, widgets, themes and plugins. Completely SEO Compatible, GTranslate is cost effective and combines automated translations with human induced translations to reduce costs and increase the rate of site traffic internationally which in turn propels sales conversions.

SEO Compatible WordPress Multilingual Websites in Dubai

Many agencies overlook the necessity of SEO while providing WordPress multilingual solutions. It comes with experience and expertise. WordPress multilingual site development for different countries is not a cup of cake. We keep an eye on detail and diligently infuse SEO during the process of WordPress site development. We adhere to industry standards for the best results on search engine pages.

Organic SEO results, more traffic, and lead generation are what we ensure when we work with you. Many sites think they are indulging in the right SEO practices but their mechanism is either incomplete or damages the site with an incorrect process. Immense experience and expertise can only master the SEO aspect of any site. We have a separate SEO team that is responsible for inducing the correct wholesome mechanism of SEO into your WordPress multilingual site to accomplish the goals.

WordPress Multilingual Solutions in sync with Speed

Our multilingual WordPress solutions do not hamper the speed of your site. The dedicated developers who have been working with global clients are accustomed to keeping every aspect in mind and speed is an essential one.
The speed of the site cannot be neglected and we make sure your multilingual sites are fast and scalable.
WP Multilingual
WordPress Multilingual Services

Multilingual and Localised WordPress are two separate identities

Multilingual WordPress is the convergence of translation services for sites operating in several languages. The service of multilingual WordPress is translation.

Localised WordPress produces different content for different language countries or content with minor changes depending upon the variation needed.

WPWixee WordPress Multilingual services, WHY?

WPWixee WordPress Multilingual solutions, CHOOSE Wisely

Here are a few tips from our WPWixee Multilingual Plugin experts on how to go about choosing the right WordPress Multilingual plugin for your business requirements 

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  • Polylang
  • WPML
  • Translate Press
  • GTranslate
  • Multilingual Press
    • Use language-specific XML sitemaps
    • Duplicate content using canonical tags
    • Provide a better user experience
    • Solve common SEO issues
  • Optimize SEO for multiple languages
  • Focus on front-end usability
  • Check for a complete translation
Language Switcher is a Plugin that allows visitors to select a language in which they prefer to read the content. Developers add this plugin in the site’s footer, as a widget, or in the menu.
Using multilingual plugins, WordPress serves the same content in different languages. The Plugins automatically redirect users to the required content based on the preferred language. WordPress allows manual translation as well as machine translation.
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