We are a prominent WordPress Agency creating WordPress websites for B2B, B2C, and SaaS services clients. We are innovators and we develop WordPress sites that load with a striking speed using the latest tools and technology.

WordPress Hosting
in Dubai

The best WordPress hosting ensures better performance of the site enhanced with additional tools for a faster website.
WordPress Hosting Dubai

WordPress Hosting the Emirates

We at WPWixee are committed to helping create the perfect and the no-hassles WordPress hosting environment for businesses incorporated across various industries in the UAE and the rest of the Middle East. Round the clock malware scans, high Speed endurance, fully automated integration on request, SEO induced with optimization tools and a one click backup for 365 days of the year, Our WordPress hosting services catapult businesses in their deserved realm with great ease.

Experience some of the best website migration procedures in Dubai for business sites that have hosting-relocation plans. So smooth and effective, our clients who were migrating their websites onto our WordPress hosting didn’t even know they had migrated till we mailed them about the Completion. No lags, no stuck ups, no hassles in the normal functioning of websites! only quality migration and a remarkable transition that propels the website in ways never attempted before. All of this and more with WPWixee’s WordPress hosting services, WordPress hosting the Emirates since 2013.

Powerful WordPress Hosting in Dubai with all-in-one Features for SMB

Revolutionary 'SMB' WordPress Hosting services, Dubai

Small and medium-sized (SMB) business websites in the making? We at WPWixee might just have the right WordPress hosting services for your business requirements. Indulging in ardent WordPress hosting services by certified providers in the UAE, helps improve website performance, audience engagement, rightful SEO optimization and increased sales conversion.

WPWixee’s WordPress hosting services in the UAE and the rest of the GCC includes

WordPress Experts Support

Experts Support

We provide full support and understand that for a beginner, things may seem a little complicated. Even if you are a veteran of WordPress then our WordPress experts on the board offer full-time technical support and guidance, whenever sought for.
Security Guaranteed


We ensure security standards are firmly followed as per the industry norms when we are hosting your WordPress site. Our experts believe in proactive measures to combat any security threat or breach. Data encryption, SSL certificates, and many other features are imbibed to keep your site protected.
Faster WordPress Site with Powerful Host

Faster WordPress Site
with Powerful Host

Faster WordPress hosting eases many other tasks and multifolds the performance of the site. Higher ranking on search engine pages, improvement in conversion rates, and better user-friendly experience are achieved by migrating to faster WordPress hosting.

WordPress Hosting for Enterprises

Did you know, Our WordPress hosting services are more than capable of propelling an enterprise website in the Middle East? E-commerce websites, Government websites, travel and tourism based websites, health and wellness industry websites, incorporations with shares on stock exchanges and other major Industry based websites have their websites based on WordPress hosting. Find us on WordPress best hosting providers list for the Middle East and experience an Increased rate of sales conversions, propelled revenue, Induce a large rate of online traffic, trigger result-churning SEO optimization capabilities and a higher search ranking on prominent search engines.

WPWixee’s enterprise WordPress hosting services have some of the best procedures for an enterprise hosting project –

WordPress Experts Support

Higher Traffic Higher
Revenue Generation

More traffic should lead to more revenue generation and not hamper your growth. Our WordPress website hosting is built to boost the performance of your site by accommodating a high number of visitors.
Website Security Guaranteed


Our managed WordPress hosting is capable of migrating multiple sites and transforming the sites into a flawless and seamless visit experience. We rely on an automated plugin and have confidence in our support team.
WordPress Web Hosting

Scalable WordPress

As your business grows so should your WordPress site. We build scalable WordPress hosting to enable your site to be able to bear the load of high traffic and perform seamlessly. All important features are included to give you a competitive edge over others.
Web Hosting Developers

WordPress Hosting for Developers

Heading a software project? Are you a developer in the making? WPWixee’s WordPress services for developers are quite a thing in the UAE. A developer or a technology expert works on, implements, develops and creates software, websites, applications and other interface systems. We at WPWixee have been providing developers with breakthrough solutions in WordPress developer hosting services in the UAE and the rest of the Middle since 2013.

Our Developer WordPress hosting services provide the latest in development tools like Git integration, WP-CLI and SSH access. Experience our ardent expertise in WordPress developer hosting services by indulging in a superior performance in developer hosting, ease of flexibility in shuffling around websites, professional management of your account in WordPress developer hosting services and not to forget, our cost efficiency quotient. Pay for what you require with our custom tailored services in WordPress developer hosting.

WPWixee WordPress Hosting PRACTICES!

We at WPWixee are prominent WordPress hosting providers capable of providing secure, scale-scoped, remarkable performance inducing tools for the best of hosting requirements for businesses across the UAE. Experience pluperfect WordPress hosting services that include a dynamic Google Cloud partnership, that’s right! we are certified by Google LLC to undertake and propel digital requirements in the UAE and the rest of the GCC. Indulge in world class security parameters in WordPress hosting, performance boosting on the go, measure and scale your hosting performance with our Google Scalability capabilities and we would love to introduce the best team of WordPress hosting experts ever. They are fun, they know their game, available at the raise of a ticket and they work alongside your WordPress requirements.

Technical Portfolio


Backups Daily
Recovery Time 10mins
Website Loading Time 1 sec
Support Response 1-30 min
Migration Time 2 hours
Hosting Since 2015
Web Hosting Configuration

Why WPWixee?

Your WordPress hosting requirements, all fine-tuned for the perfect hosting experience, WPWixee has Your online traffic transits analysed perfectly with Google induced capabilities ensuring a high performance in WordPress hosting as standard across all WordPress hosting services. Our dedicated WordPress hosting services include-

WordPress Hosting? We've got this!

WordPress Experts Support

Full Assistance

We assist even when we know there will be lesser hurdles ahead. Our team is available to help and guide you whenever required.
Website Security Guaranteed


If you have any queries you can get in touch with our dedicated professional on the board or the project manager assigned to you.
WordPress Web Hosting

Contact us

We listen to you via mail or phone or our chat support. Feel free to contact us.


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WordPress hosting offers some incredible benefits to a website,

  • Better Performance – WordPress hosting provides improved performance since the server environment is completely optimized for WordPress installation.
  • Secure Hosting – The hosting server is optimized to meet distinct security configurations of WordPress.
  • Most WordPress hosting environments have a fully-dedicated team to manage the servers and keep them up-to-date.
Shared hosting has few WordPress-specific optimizations and ensures easy installation. Since WordPress is a popular CMS, shared hostings usually offer some form of WordPress optimization. Alternatively, managed hosting takes care of all the aspects related to your WordPress site. The hosting includes features like virus scans, improved performance, backups, upgrades, and more.
If you have a WordPress site on another hosting provider and would like to switch to a better host. It’s easy to migrate and the protocols differ from one host to another.
WordPress Multisite is a feature that allows you to develop and run multiple websites using the same installation on a server.
  • Learn different types of hosting
  • Consider the uptime
  • Choose reliable customer support
  • Check for cybersecurity features
  • Choose a plan with regular backups
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