WordPress API Integration Services in Dubai

Get sales magnified with WordPress API integration by a team of experts.

Boost Your Sales with Our WordPress
API Integration Solution

WordPress API Integration Services We Offer

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WordPress API Integration

API Integration

We offer all essential third-party integrations that are unavoidable for the website. Like adding a payment gateway or integration of a shopping cart and adding a third-party application dedicated to email marketing. The list encompasses all such applications depending upon your need and requirement.
WordPress Theme Integration

Theme Integration

The look and presentation of your website is an art that a skilled developer works upon by integrating custom themes. We have a range of theme integration services that may suit your business structure and requirements. We are also capable of integrating other themes as required by you and can integrate them with the website in the latter stage.
WordPress CRM Integration

CRM Integration

CRM or ERP is one of the most important software for your business. It helps you to maintain the entire database of your clients or visitors on the site. This feature is like a fortune that abolishes the need for a manual update and saves time and resources.
WordPress Plugin Integration

Plugin Integration

WordPress has a plethora of plugins that are capable of adding functional features to your WordPress website. We help you to select and install the right plugin for your site that does not hinder the performance of your site.

Custom API Integration Services

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WordPress API Integration Service in Dubai

API Integration

We are known to be experts in custom API integration solutions. Our team can effortlessly add advanced features to your site by integrating third-party applications.
AI Source Code Repository Integration

Source Code
Repository Integratio

The best source code repository integration solution is fetched by the developers like GitLab, TFS, GitHub, and Bitbucket.
WordPress API Development Services

API Development

We build and develop APIs for all devices, web sockets, service-oriented architecture (SOA), cloud apps, and databases.
Marketing Software API Integration Services

Marketing Software
API Integration Services

Our WordPress Marketing Software API Integration services have an all consisting dashboard of the most exclusive marketing automation and lead generation tools in the UAE. Our WordPress API integration Services for marketing in the Middle East has propelled identification of prospective customers for businesses which in turn has had an immense effect of leverage in the rate of sales conversions.
Custom Web API Services

Web API Services

We are a pioneer API development company that believes in providing the best API solutions to you. We engage quality development tools to develop super API solutions for you.
WordPress Development in Hotels and Restaurants
Hospitality and Healthcare
WordPress Development in Travel and Tourism Agency
Travel and Tourism
WordPress Event Management
Event Management
WordPress Development in Real Estate Company
WordPress Development in Fashion and Style
Fashion and Style
WordPress Development in ED Technology
Online Training and Education
WordPress Speciality Clinics
Speciality Clinics

IndustriesWe Cater

We are omnipresent and can be seen providing API development solutions to almost every sector. Bring your project to us and build an array of loyal customers with our quality API services. We have contributed to the success of various verticals like healthcare, education, hospitality, real estate, tours and travel, event management, and many more.

WPWixee WordPress API Integration services

Did you know integrating WordPress websites and applications with each other terminates replicating effort and contributes toward effective productivity? Experience productivity like never before with our customized WPWixee, WordPress integration services where we link third party applications with your WordPress based websites through API’s, all packed with two-way data burst that can both capture and display data.

WordPress has redefined the word 'Integrate' so vigorously, that the whole expression of 'bringing together to enhance performance' has touched new heights in the digital world

Tracked User Engagement Via Market Integration

Did you know, We at WPWixee use our own WordPress plugin to analyse and measure online user engagement in the UAE and simultaneously run advanced analytical data collection on trends that have an influence on their behavior? Every bit of measured analytical data on online user engagement is saved and used by our team of experts in later stages for an increased rate of sales conversions which in turn converts online users into online customers.

Various websites have different requirements. Target Audiences and narratives differ according to the line of business involved. Our Integration experts provide all assistance to analyze and understand how to use collected website analytical data while maintaining the website efficiency, it’s uptime and speed as of the most prominent importance.

Why WPWixee integration services?

WPWixee has achieved milestones in sales conversions for businesses in various niches of industries in the UAE. Our WordPress API integration services have propelled reduced costs which in turn has provided for improved returns on the investments made. Experience endless possibilities in a market ecosystem with the power of WordPress integration services at WPWixee. Looking forward to improving your marketing strategies or modernizing your existing operations for a Propelled efficiency quotient? Our team of WordPress marketing integration experts can help you plan, craft, curate, integrate wisely and carry out the execution till deployment of your required WordPress integration with a revolutionary elan that can turn tables over in your business realm.


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  • It’s easy to find everything in a single place
  • Don’t have to manually move data instead transmit automatically
  • Flawless performance
The time depends on the type of integration. In most cases, it takes around 2 to 5 weeks.
If you’re an eCommerce firm, a mobile app establishes direct communication with your consumers. Integrating a mobile app with your existing WordPress site continues to increase the number of users. Push notifications, in-app notifications, alerting customers, and flash sales encourage buyers online.
CRM is a strategic business tool to understand the customers and how they relate to the company. When you integrate a CRM with WordPress website, it’s easy to automate marketing, customer data, sales, and other HR tasks into a single system. CRM integration allows employee efficiency and better user experience.
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