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How to fix your hacked WordPress site? – Reasons & Solutions

How to Check If a WordPress Site Is Hacked?

WordPress is a popular CMS in the world. Over 40% of the websites run on WordPress. However, WordPress is open-source and exposed to cyber-attacks. As per recent studies, more than 2200 cyber attacks happen per day. So, there’s a chance of penetrating your WordPress website.

A hacked WordPress site impacts your search engine ranking. Moreover, it demolishes your reputation by redirecting to other erotic sites. Your readers are exposed to viruses. In the worst case, you lose all the website data.

Security is a big concern while running your WordPress site. We all have this question, is WordPress secure? Yes, to make it clear, the open-source ecosystem means you have vulnerabilities.

The core web vitals impact your SEO rankings. We don’t prefer a slow-loading website similarly search engines never consider such websites. Even if a website loads faster, users should find it fully functional to access or interact with the website. Thus, core web vitals measure the website loading speed, visibility, and how soon users can access it.

How to know if WordPress is hacked?

Data injection is a sign of hacked website. By adding bad links to your website, hackers find a way to access WordPress files and databases. The hacks add links to spammy websites. Most often, it’s seen in the footer but it could be anywhere on your site. Deleting the links will not guarantee that they will come back. Instead, you have to fix the backdoor that allows data injection in your website.

If you couldn’t log in to your site, it means that you use a hacked website. The attackers may delete your admin account from WordPress. Since you don’t have an account, it’s not possible to reset your password or use it again.

Using FTP or PHP My Admin, you can create an admin account on WordPress. But, your site remains unsafe until you figure out how attackers reach the admin page.

A defaced homepage announces that the website is hacked. Most hackers don’t deface your home page because they prefer to remain unnoticed as far as they can. The hackers often replace the home page with their message.

All the websites are exposed to DDoS attacks. The hackers use different hacked computers and servers from all over the world with fake IP addresses. Some send too many requests to the website while others try to break the security. Such activities will slow down the website and make it unresponsive. You can check the IP address to identify too many requests and block them, but it’s not a permanent solution.

The reasons Why WordPress Sites Get Hacked?

We have a common question, why WordPress is a common target of hackers? The reason is simple since it’s popular, hackers find it easy to exploit sites that lack security. The motive of hackers may be unique. Beginners just explore how to exploit a less secure site. Alternatively, few hackers have malicious intentions like attacking websites, distributing malware, and sending spam.

A web server hosts a WordPress site. Few hosting companies don’t provide enough security to their hosting platforms. Without enough security, the websites are exposed to hacking attempts.

By choosing the best web hosting provider, protect your website from vulnerable attacks.

A weak password can destroy your WordPress site. While creating a password, make sure to use a strong and unique password. A weak password helps hackers achieve complete access to your admin page.

The admin account, web hosting control panel, FTP accounts, MySQL database, and email accounts are protected using passwords. Therefore, use strong passwords and learn how to manage those passwords.

The users access WP admin to accomplish different actions on the WordPress site. Moreover, it’s the most common area of attack. By keeping it unprotected, you allow hackers to penetrate your website. By adding different layers of authentication, you can make it difficult for hackers.

To avoid attacks add a password to your WP admin area. If you run a multi-user site, provide a strong password to all users. In addition, you can add two-factor authentication to make it difficult for hackers to enter the WP admin area.

Few WordPress users are scared to update their websites. They believe that it will break their website. Instead, every new version fixes security vulnerabilities and bugs in WordPress. If you don’t update your site, then you leave it to hackers.

If you feel that update will break the site, get a complete backup before running the update.

Unlike core website updates, it’s essential to update themes and plugins. Using old themes or plugins makes your site easy to attack by hackers. Most often, bugs and security flaws are discovered in WordPress themes and plugins. So, it’s significant to fix them.

Keep your WordPress themes and plugins up-to-date for better security.

How to clean or deal with hacked WordPress site?

If you confirm that you’re site is hacked, it’s time to fix it now. Check below the ways to recover a hacked WordPress site,

If you have access to the WordPress dashboard, keep your website in maintenance mode. It prevents visitors from opening a hacked website, secures their personal information, and attacks. Moreover, you preserve your brand identity by not showing up a hacked website.

If hackers access your site, they grab your login credentials. So, as a first step reset the passwords of WP admin, hosting, and FTP accounts. You can use password management tools to create unique passwords and learn to keep them safe. In addition, experts recommend two-factor authentication or limit login attempts to ensure protection.

Before planning to fix your hacked site, it’s best to update WordPress installations. By doing so, it prevents hackers to access the vulnerabilities of the site and keeps it secure after the hack.

Deactivating themes or plugins and reactivating them, helps you list down the infected installations. If you find out the faulty installations, it’s easy to delete them. In this phase, you can remove any unnecessary plugins that act as an access points for hackers. Additionally, uninstall themes and plugins not mentioned in the official directories, because these plugins have a high risk of malicious attack.

If none of the above works, your WordPress files may be affected. In this phase, reinstall the core WordPress files and start a new one.

Go to the WordPress admin dashboard and select the updates button, again click on the reinstall button.

Before reinstalling the files, make sure to back up the files. Never overwrite the old backup version with the new one. Later, compare the hacked file with the new version to recognize and remove suspicious links.

You can use two ways to remove malware from the WP sites either manually or with a malware removal plugin. Experts recommend a malware removal plugin else it can worsen the malware.

After finishing the installations, the next step is to go through the database records. If you find any suspicious records, remove them to prevent hackers from reaching your site through data injection. It’s a time-consuming process if you have a lot of records. Moreover, it’s quite risky because the site may break if you delete the wrong records. Get help from a professional WordPress development company to accomplish this process.

If you’re using a shared hosting service, there are chances that the issue comes from another web server. Check with the hosting provider whether the security issues affect more sites. Additionally, the hosting company should be able to restore access to your site or provide weblogs to reduce the time of the breach.

WordPress website is hacked - Get professional support

Website speed optimization for FID deals with code. Peculiarly, you have to limit JavaScript execution, and the browser can respond quickly.
If possible, you should eliminate the irrelevant or unnecessary JavaScript.

Security is crucial, if you’re not comfortable with servers and codes, consult a professional WordPress development company to accomplish your security goals. If not, you encourage hackers to come back again and again.

These skilled professionals secure your website by adding different layers of protection to your WordPress website.

A hacked website is always an unpleasant experience. It could badly impact your business. So, ensure swift action and prevent hacks!

Contact the best WordPress support service company to ensure hack-free sites in the future.

Improving FID is a crucial task because only a developer can do it.

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