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How safe is WordPress Security?

How Safe Is Wordpress Security?
WordPress has built-in security features reviewed by hundreds of developers. Since Google approximately adds 50,000 phishing sites and 10,000 malware-infected sites on its blocklist. So, it’s essential to follow the security guidelines.
WordPress is used as a popular Content management system or CMS. The user’s lack of understanding of security measures often creates vulnerabilities. So, you must use preventive measures before serious threats hit your website.

The factors that impact WordPress security

Broken password
Using weak passwords is a common error that impacts website security. If you have a simple password, hackers guess it and crack your website’s security. Brute-force assault is a common cyberattack where agents and bots try various password combos until they break the website. They bypass the security by using a simple login form.
So, use a password generator to create strong passwords.
SQL injections, Query language

Computer language or database language refers to the structured query language or SQL. MySQL is the significant database operation required in WordPress websites. The cyber attackers may access the website’s database using SQL injections. If hackers get this information, they alter your database instantly in real time.

For example – if a WordPress website allows extra admin users, hackers find it easy to access your website. SQL injections are commonly used in communication, submission, and payment. The hackers may send any malicious code to the SQL instead of sharing the requested data.

Few risk factors associated with WordPress

Older version installation, modifications, or Add-ons
Using outdated versions, themes, and plugins is the reason for security attacks. The developers release updates on security details. In this stage, the alert fraudsters understand the security flaws in WordPress.
Inadequate verification and security
Having insufficient credentials and security measures allow easy access to hackers. WordPress divides its users into five groups with unique permissions and responsibilities. The five groups are administrator, author, editor, contributor, and subscriber. Administrator accounts are powerful providing hackers direct access to the site’s data.

WordPress websites - security measures

WordPress is a secure CMS but being open source, it has several unexpected flaws. So, it’s always recommended to review the security measures and consider necessary precautions.
Frequent updates
A new WordPress version assures safety and quality than the previous version. When a new version is released, it covers several security holes and other issues. Additionally, the WordPress core team addresses any serious defects and implements a secure version. If you fail to provide necessary updates, you’re in danger.
Frequent Backups
A backup is a duplicate copy of all information stored in a secure location. In case of a disaster, you may restore it from the backup copy. You need a plugin to back up the website data. Use the most reliable storage option for your backup plans.
Regular maintenance
WordPress is used to create websites, blogs, and online stores. So, regular maintenance is crucial to enhance functioning. Frequent maintenance and updates reduce the workload and guarantee an error-free website.

WordPress websites - security threats

Physical assaults

Brute force attack is a common security issue prevalent in WordPress. The brute force assaults try different password combinations to find the exact one. The volume of failed login attempts can slow down the website speed. Some servers offering shared space may disable your account temporarily due to brute force assault.

SQL injections
SQL injection allows hackers to enter the WordPress dashboard and create an admin account. Using SQL injections, they share links to spam websites or malicious links.

How to prevent these threats?

The use of updates and maintenance in WordPress security

Enhanced search engine optimization
SEO techniques improve website visibility in search engines. Having a higher position among potential buyers can bring a lot of benefits to your brand like,
You reap benefits from SEO efforts while maintaining an up-to-date website. So, WordPress updates and maintenance are significant to improve your SEO results.
When you have a handful of customers, you don’t want to waste time managing the website updates. Instead, outsource the updates and maintenance to a third party. They take care of updating plugins or themes and ensure frequent back-ups.

WordPress website security - best practices


Is WordPress secure? There are few cyberattacks and so, it’s essential to know how to protect your websites.
Protecting a WordPress website is not a single action and rest later. Since cyberattacks are changing frequently, you have to evaluate website protection often. We have security risk but it’s mitigated using WordPress security features.

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